Monday, June 25, 2012

Prime Time Leage Commissioner's Report Game 2

By Randy M. Larson
Prime Time League Commissioner

Prime Time's second night continued the great matchups we saw in the first set of games. Games are set for the next 4 Sundays at 3 and 4:30 and an early arrival is recommended, as the gym was full 30 minutes before game time. The first game featured the considerable but young talent of the Vinton Merchants/Mike Gatens Real Estate team, with its imposing frontline of Adam Woodbury, Zach McCabe and Jarrod Uthoff, plus the sparkling shooting of Josh Oglesby vs. the talented and experienced duo of Aaron White and Eric May, along with the defensively impressive freshman-to-be from Indianapolis Anthony Clemmons.

My team was able to become the only undefeated team after only 2 games, winning a close game, 93-82, with all three frontliners grabbing 9 rebounds or more and scoring in double figures. Zach McCabe followed up his 27 point opening night with 22, plus 10 boards, shooting 5-8 on 2's, 3-5 on 3's, 3-5 on FTs, and guarding Aaron White well. Adam Woodbury shot 5-10, scoring 10, and grabbed a team-high 11 rebounds. Jarrod Uthoff scored 12 on 5-8 shooting, 2-2 from the line, and grabbed 9 rebounds. Josh Oglesby shot 6-9, all 3's, and 2-5 on ft's, to score 20, but also had twice as many assists as any player on either team, with 6. Josh’s defense, occasionally guarding May, was pretty good.

Woodbury, after not scoring opening night, was effective in the low post, fouled less, and except for missing all his free throws, was very solid. Adam continues to impress with his eagerness and passing.

Uthoff was efficient offensively, as his box score shows, and can play three positions. McCabe is a rock, very strong and determined, and a very versatile offensive player. Oglesby's 6 3's included several from NBA range and weren't all wide-open. Chance Miller, the senior-to-be combo guard from Iowa Mennonite High School played and shot well, scoring 11.

Aaron White for the defeated Culver's/Iowa City Ready Mix team also played well, getting to the line 13 times, making 11. White scored 22, shooting 4-9 on 2's, 1-3 on threes, and grabbing 7 rebounds, tied for second on his team. May shot 7-14 on 2's, 0-5 on 3's, and 3-6 on FTs for a total of 17 pts, and led his team in rebounds with 9. May and White each had 3 assists, tied for high on their team. Clemmons made 4 out of 5 2's, 1-4 of his 3's, and scored 11 to go with 1 assist and 6 rebounds. Clemmons is an athletic and aggressive defender; not as accomplished yet on offense but is clearly a Big Ten player on defense already.

The Culver's team benefited from a strong game from William Penn player Keith Steffeck who scored 20 and grabbed 7 rebounds. He was 8-12 from the field, including 3 threes.

The second game of the afternoon featured the Mike Gesell/Melsahn Basabe/Jarryd Cole/Kyle Meyer group vs. Devyn Marble/Ali Farokhmanesh/Gabe Olaseni. Sponsored by Realtor Jill Armstrong and coached by Dan Ahrens, Gesell's team trailed most of the way before pulling away in the last 8 minutes to win 104-98. Gesell handed out 9 assists, grabbed 5 rebounds, and scored 14, shooting 4-9 on 2's, 2-3 on 3's (making him 7-9 in 2 games), and in general was very impressive. Gesell got a bit tired at the end, but he played almost the whole game.

Basabe scored 29 including 11-15 from the line, where his stroke looked better, and 9-18 on 2's and 0-3 on 3's. Basabe is playing hard, grabbed 14 rebounds to lead everybody and help his team to a dominating 59-27 edge, and when he gets the ball facing the basket, he is almost unstoppable without a double-team. Jarryd Cole scored 32, and was even more efficient, shooting 8-8 from the line, and 12-17 from the field, with no threes attempted. He had 11 rebounds. Kyle Meyer is stuck behind these 2 fabulous big men and while he played most of the game, only attempted 2 shots, making them both, and got 7 rebounds. Darius Stokes looked excellent on defense, and had 7 rebounds as well, in pretty limited minutes.

For the LL Pelling/McCurry's team, led by Devyn Marble's 34 points, it was just a case of not being big enough. Coach Kevin Lehman (longtime UNI assistant and former UNO head coach) always has his team playing together and moving the ball, but the rebounding deficit was too much to overcome last night. Ali Farokhmanesh had a rare off shooting night, going 2-7 on 3's, and even missing half of his 4 free throws. Gabe Olaseni continues to impress with his developing offensive ability and his defense is ready for the Big Ten now. Olaseni scored 9 points, but of course he's going up against very good match-ups. 

Devyn may have to develop his rebounding ability if he is going to be a 3 next year, as he only pulled down 4, to go with 1 assist. He was efficient offensively, shooting 8-12 on 2's, 4-7 on 3's, and 6-8 on free throws.
Another packed house, another night of great effort by every current and incoming Hawk, and both games were close. I heard that Fran McCaffery got a full report from his brother who was in attendance, and who was very impressed with the crowd and the level of play.
Remember, the Iowa and UNI women play in the Game Time league on Wednesday nights, at 6 and 7:30. See all details at

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